Yonex YTM2111 Mens Polo Black
Yonex YTM2111 Mens Polo Black
September 25, 2015
multi coloured ladder
4 Piece Multi Coloured Ladder
September 25, 2015
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Foam Plyo Hurdle

20cm Foam Plyo Hurdle



Great for Plyometric training, Lateral Agility drills,

or any hurdle drill or obstacle course where safety is important.

These foam hurdles are soft enough to break a fall, yet strong

enough to be used in any conditions. Lightweight to carry

and made with a high density, top grade foam

covered in a heavy duty tarpaulin vinyl which is UV treated.

Width of each hurdle is 60cm.Colour may vary


One 20cm x 60cm Foam plyo hurdle