Wilson Pro Overgrip – Pack of 3
Wilson Pro Overgrip – Pack of 3
September 25, 2015
double ladder
Double Ladder
September 25, 2015
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55cm Star Ultra Swiss Ball

55cm Star Ultra Swiss Ball


swiss ball, anti burst, australian made, highest quality, mediball, fitball, 800kg


The quality of the ball is determined by the overall mass.

The STAR SYSTEMS Ultra Ball is one of the heaviest toughest balls on the market today.

A heavier ball has a thicker shell wall that ensures that you will have greater protection

from puncturing and retains the round surface curve under load.

Factory tested to 700kg anti Burst rating and a static load rating of a huge 2000kg

the Ultra ball’s superior resilience comes with a non-skid soft feel.

Ideal for heavy duty users or those who require greater security.


Highest Quality Anti-Burst Ball and an instruction manual