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September 25, 2015
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September 25, 2015
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Intensive Training Camp

Intensive Training Camp

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Train Like The Pros

The Zone Tennis Intensive Training Camp gives tournament standard players the opportunity to train like the Pros for 4 Days.

The camp program provides the player with the perfect balance of the technical, tactical, psychological and physical components over a four day period, allowing players to sample what training full time is like.

Players participate in 32 hours of structured training and tuition jammed into a four day period.

Nothing is missed in this exciting program, and players will be involved in high level drilling, point and match play to develop their technical and tactical skills, as well as sports psychology & nutrition sessions.

Players will also undertake conditioning routines and learn movement strategies used to play professional level tennis, as well as learning singles and doubles match strategies.

The Intensive Training Camp will utilise video analysis for biomechanical evaluation and match statistics, which will be discussed with players involved in the camp.

The program is restricted to 12 players, and provides the perfect opportunity for aspiring touring pros to taste what it is like to train full time with a high performance coach in a professional environment.