foam roller small round
Foam Roller Small Round
September 25, 2015
Pro Agility Belt (pair)
Pro Agility Belt (pair)
September 25, 2015
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Nebula Additional Flexicord Kit

Nebula Additional Flexicord Kit


Nebula Additional Flexicord Kit-Speed, agility, ladder, acceleration, training, exercise, work out, sport, legs, quick, quality, rungs, pvc, flexicord, nebula

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With an additional length of flexicord your nebula workouts change dramatically.

Sandwich drills are great for fine tuning you balance and co-ordination.

You are in the center of two pieces of flexicord which are firmly attached to two objects or two athletes.

Another Athlete stands in front of you and throws a ball or object to your right.

When you move to catch the ball and return it the flexicord on your right is assisting you

the one on your left is restricting you. A real Balancing act.


One Nebula Flexicord