foam roller large half
Foam Roller Large Half Round
September 25, 2015
Original Quickstep Ladder
Original Quickstep Ladder
September 25, 2015
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Nebula Complete

Nebula Complete


Nebula Complete-Speed, agility, ladder, acceleration, training, exercise, work out, sport, legs, quick, quality, rungs, pvc, flexicord, nebula, belt

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Resisted sprinting, overspeed, agility and stretching all in one exiting package.

Use the flexicord for over speed or attach it to one side of the waist belt for overload agility drills.

Great for assisted and resisted plyometric training as the flexicord provides

specific resistance without affecting technique.

The handle simply clips onto the belt for resisted sprinting.


1x Nebula Belt, 1x 2.5m Flexicord, 1x Waistbelt,

1x Handle, 1x Leg Cuff and an instruction manual