rocker board std
Rocker Board Std
September 25, 2015
Speed Stepper
Speed Stepper
September 25, 2015
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Speed Chute Regular

Speed Chute Regular


Speed Chute- speed, resistance, agilty, sport, training, strength, chute, air, fitness

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Highest Quality – Tear Resistant Training Chute with Quick Release harness.

Improving acceleration, speed maintenance and agility.

The chute fills with air and resists your running.

A unique design directs air flow into chute capturing resistance from the moment the athlete starts moving.

Great for agility training as the chute is in the air and glides over cones laid out in angles for direction change.

There are no shroud line, so tangles are virtually eliminated.

Regular size – suitable for children and youths.

Beware of cheap copies!


1x Speed Chute, 1x waist belt 1x bag for storage.