Pro Agility Pole Carry Bag
Pro Agility Pole Carry Bag
September 25, 2015
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September 25, 2015
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Speed Resistor

Speed Resistor


Speed Resistor, speed, training, sport, agility, strength, harness, sled, hold, Power Speed Resistor


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Control Resisted Speed and improve your explosive power with the Speed Resistor. Australian Made quality.

Get the specific resistance you need for explosive acceleration and anaerobic training.

Great fun for large groups and can be used indoors or out, rain or sunshine.

One athlete wears the harness and sprints against a load provided by the other partner holding them back.

Two Sizes available: LARGE for Adults, Regular for Youths And Children.


One 100% Australian Made Speed Resistor harness And a Harness Tail.