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Train Like the Pros!
Intensive Training Camp!

Want to learn the secrets that the tour pros use?

Want to be able to prepare yourself better for tournaments and make smarter decisions on court?

Want to learn how to improve your training routine to develop your game to another level?

This Intensive Training Camp is a 5-day structured training program from December 18th to 22nd (12:30p PM – 5:30 PM each day) we offer to tournament standard players. The program has a restricted number of vacancies, and provides the perfect opportunity for aspiring touring pros to taste what it is like to train full time with a world class high performance coach in a professional environment.

This once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring pro tennis players comes with a great deal of amazing benefits, including the following:

  • Learn all the secrets of professional tennis players in 5 days.
  • Experience training with the perfect balance of the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical components.
  • A disciplined, challenging, and empowering training environment to take your game to the next level.
  • Develop game strategies and counter punches that will smash your opponents.
  • Get control of your court movement and recovery skills.
  • Train under the guidance of World-Class Level 3 High Performance Coach Dr. Steve Parr.
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Dr Stephen Parr

Dr. Stephen Parr


Level 3 High Performance Coach

Train Like The Pros, with High Performance Coach Dr Steve Parr, in a 5 day intensive training camp specifically for tournament level players.


– World Class High Performance Specialist with over 35 years Coaching Experience
– Worked with Professional Tour and ITF Players including Olga Barabanschikova (WTA 49)
– Career High Singles Ranking of 380
– Trained, lectured or consulted for many professional athletes, teams and organisations including Tennis Australia, The Victorian Institute of Sport, The Northern Inland Academy of Sport, The Australian Coaching Council, Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ), NSW and Qld Netball, NSW Rugby, NSW Track & Field, Australian Fitness Network and Network New Zealand, and the elite athlete program at John Paul College Brisbane.
– Produced 8 x video productions and authored 3 x books on athletic performance.
– Worked with athletes at all levels and ages in a large range of sports, and has invented a range of equipment that is now used globally to enhance the physical training of athletes.
– Involved in the development of a gross motor skill acquisition program for the Tennis Professionals Association for the introduction into the Schools K-6 curriculum.
– Consulted to Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ) for the development of a movement based skill acquisition program for their Physical Education curriculum.


What Happens in the Camp?

Players will participate in 25 hours of intensive structured training and tuition jammed into a five day period at the 5-Star Sanctuary Cove Resort on the Gold Coast. They will be involved in high-level drilling, point and match play to develop their technical and tactical skills. We provide sports psychology and nutrition sessions, along with tournament planning and strategy to prepare the player as they advance to the pro level.

Players will also undertake and learn specific tennis conditioning routines, movement techniques and strategies used for playing professional level tennis on different court surfaces, and develop singles and doubles match tactical awareness. The Intensive Training Camp will utilise video analysis for biomechanical evaluation and match statistics, which will be discussed with all players involved in the camp.

This Intensive Tennis Training Camp Is:

  • Open to both adults and juniors of tournament level ability.
  • Focused on developing the tactical awareness and structure needed to play at a high level.
  • Not to be missed by anyone serious about their tennis.
  • Not for beginners or players not interested in participating at tournament level. Any player not at the appropriate playing standard should attend the morning clinic on the same day. Please contact Sanctuary Cove Tennis for more information on this clinic.

Intensive Training Camp covers the following:

  • 25 hours of tuition/training for the 5 days
  • All Structured Drill work and Match Play
  • Statistical Analysis of Matches
  • Biomechanical Stroke Analysis
  • Individual Tuition with a World Class Level 3 High Performance Coach
  • Physiological Evaluation
  • Specific Tennis Conditioning
  • Tennis Specific Movement Training
  • Sports Psychology Sessions
  • Match Strategies for Singles and Doubles
  • Tournament Preparation Procedures

For only $275 for the whole week or $75 per day (daily rate only available if vacancies allow), you’ll get to experience the tennis training of a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Enrol now before it’s too late. There are very few slots left for this camp. You can register online by filling out the form below.

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