Experience the Sanctuary Cove Tennis Difference with Our Tennis Coaches

The team from Sanctuary Cove Tennis boast experience totalling over 75 years, and offer a wide range of tennis coaching and fitness options for children, teenagers and adults of all skill levels, including high performance players led by one of the Gold Coast's few Level 3 Coaches. View the profiles in detail on our tennis coaches page.

On top of our exceptional tennis classes, we are also proud to have our very own online tennis shop. Here, players can find a treasure trove of various tennis racquets, shoes, bags, apparel, accessories, and more to help elevate their game further.

Qualified Experienced Tennis Coaches

All coaching lessons are delivered by fully qualified, insured, energetic and professional coaches with years of experience. Armed with the latest teaching techniques, they consistently deliver high quality up to date tennis programs that are fun and rewarding to participate in. The end result is exceptional value for money at a 5 star Gold Coast Tennis Facility.

We are proud to offer both adult tennis lessons and children’s tennis lessons for players of all skill levels. Whether you would like to learn how to play tennis in a one-on-one setting or surrounded by your group of friends, our coaches are here to help you improve by leaps and bounds.

For Health and Fitness or the Social Scene

Sanctuary Cove Tennis classes are a great way to meet new friends, and keep fit and healthy. We have structured a number different activities for adults including Cardio Tennis, our own Drills and Skills Classes, Social Play, plus the usual selection of group and private lessons, all in the comfort of the Country Club, and to support your own personal health and fitness goals. Our team are all qualified health and fitness professionals, and will assist you to integrate your tennis activities into your gym and class schedules to get the results you want to achieve.

Improve Your Speed, Agility & Quickness!

If its sport or tennis fitness that you want - then you're in good hands. We can provide you with a systematic program to focus on the development of posture, balance, speed, agility and quickness, (as well as improving your technique and court craft).

All of these components are important in tennis but they're also important for almost every sport as well as your general health and well-being. Even if you are not a tennis player but would like to improve any of these areas of your lifestyle, we would encourage you to join one of our cardio tennis or specialty training sessions.

High Performance Players - We've got your back.

Our high performance program is directed by our Level 3 Coach, Dr Stephen Parr. Players must meet a minimum playing standard and training/practice commitment level to enter this program, but shows to be the perfect pathway to play professional or college level tennis. It’s also a stepping stone for a great career as a tennis coach.

Some of the country's most respected tennis coaches have began their full time careers as coaches through the expert guidance of Dr Parr in one of his full time tennis programs.

Mobile Tennis Coaching Service

We also offer a unique mobile coaching service, where we can send a qualified coach to your private court anywhere on the Gold Coast. Simply arrange a group of friends to join you at your court to share the cost of these private coaching lessons.

Click on your location for more details on our mobile coaching classes:

If you would like to learn more about our tennis facilities or if you would like to sign up for a tennis class, please do not hesitate to Contact us. We proudly serve players of all ages and skill levels throughout the suburbs and communities of the Gold Coast, including Hope Island, Upper Coomera, Sanctuary Cove, Paradise Point, and Runaway Bay