Tennis Lessons Gold Coast

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, a touring professional, or a tennis player just wanting to improve a little, Sanctuary Cove Tennis has all the different tennis lessons gold coast players ever need.

Want to be able to compete on the tennis court once again with others? Maybe you just want to relax and enjoy a more casual game, or participate in social tennis - it makes no difference whatsoever – Sanctuary Cove Tennis’ coaches in the first class facilities will cover your tennis needs and every goal imaginable.

For quite a while now, the coaches at Sanctuary Cove have been one of the driving forces in tennis player development, providing the best tennis lessons Gold Coast players have been able to take advantage of. Both children’s programs and adult programs have been designed to help players of all ages unlock their talent and ability and reach new milestones. The experience both on and off court, provides the drills, the focus and the tuition that allows players of all standards to make major leaps forward when it comes to improving their tennis game.

Kids Tennis Lessons

We provide a full range of kids tennis lessons catering for all age groups and ability levels. These include small groups as well as the tennis Australia Hot Shots modified program. We start children as young as 3 years old in small groups, and can also offer a full range of private lessons, squads and match play. For more information view our Childrens Programs.

Adult Tennis Lessons

The coaches providing the tennis lessons Gold Coast residents love, are considered to be among the very best in Australia. With decades of experience in the sport – not only in coaching, but also playing at the highest levels – and the group, private, and semi-private programs that they put together have proven themselves over and over again with all students of the game.

We invite you to try the adult tennis lessons that are at Sanctuary Cove Tennis. Experience the difference in a private or group lesson or even a cardio tennis session.

High Performance Tennis

Our high performance or elite tennis program is designed for the aspiring touring professional. Experience what it is like to train full time or part time under the guidance of a fully qualified high performance tennis coach, giving you the best chance to make it big. Read more about our high performance programs.

Health & Fitness Programs

Sanctuary Cove Tennis offer a range of highly specific fitness programs designed to compliment your game, improve your speed and agility around the court and remain injury free. If this is something you would like to explore to extend your tennis longevity, find out more about our tennis specific health and fitness programs.

Racquet Restrings and Repairs

At some point, every player needs a re-grip, a restring or some repair to their tennis equipment. Do you know how often you should have your racquet string tension checked and your grip replaced? Find out more about our Restring Service and how often it should be done.

Try The Sanctuary Cove Tennis Team Out
Contact us to chat about how we can help you improve your game, or get your kids started in tennis. Once you see the difference we can make to your game or your children’s game, we’re sure you’ll make the same decision so many others have and choose the tennis lessons Gold Coast players prefer.

Everyone is welcome at Sanctuary Cove Tennis, regardless of whether your beginning or you’re looking for our team to coach your child to be the next tennis prodigy. If you just want to play socially or improve your adult tennis game to compete once again you’ll find the facilities to have everything you need and then some.