Health & Fitness Programs

Zone Tennis offers specifically tailored group fitness classes to either compliment your tennis game or simply for better health and well-being. Our classes run for a 55 min period. and can be attended on a casual basis or as an unlimited class pass on our direct debit system.

The fitness classes, like our group coaching sessions, are provided by qualified professionals with years of experience. We offer a number of different programs – all are enjoyable, and the intensity will be adjusted upon your requirements.

Cardio Tennis – a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.

Drills & Skills – a coaching based group activity that combines the best features of tennis with great company and good exercise, in a semi competitive environment.

Trim N Tone – These sessions are aimed at targeting the major muscle groups of the body through a variety of exercises which will help you get results fast. Whether it be weight loss, building strength or explosive power, Trim N Tone is for you.

Kids Fitness – a fun based fitness program involving movement activities, jumping and running technique and balance.

Speed for Sport – an intensive fitness program to improve your speed, agility and quickness for multi-directional sports such as Netball, Football, Tennis Hockey and Basketball.

Tennis Conditioning – A Tennis specific conditioning program which targets improvement of the physical components of tennis to make the player more explosive on-court

  • Cardio Tennis
    Cardio Tennis
  • Drills SkillsDrills & Skills
  • TrimnToneTrim N Tone
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