Junior Programs: Get the Best Adult and Childrens Tennis Lessons in Sanctuary Cove Tennis

Sanctuary Cove Tennis offers a wide range of tennis coaching and fitness options for children, teenagers and adults of all skill levels. All lessons are delivered by qualified, energetic and professional tennis coaches who are constantly monitored for providing consistent, quality, up to date programs so you receive total value for money for your experience with Sanctuary Cove Tennis.

Group Lessons

Sanctuary Cove Tennis group lessons are a great way to meet new friends, learn about the game, and keep fit and healthy. Group lessons are available for all ages. Programs start from 3 year olds and we often coach players over 70 years, which proves you are never too old to want to improve or learn. Whether you need kids tennis lessons or adult tennis lessons, you’ll find a suitable program here.

Private Lessons

For those looking to fast track their game to the next level, then the Sanctuary Cove Tennis Private (one on one) or Semi Private lessons are the key. You will receive personalised instruction by a Sanctuary Cove Tennis Qualified Coach. These lessons are perfect for anyone serious about improving at a rapid pace.

Development Squads

Training Squads are perfect for players wishing to persue tournaments. They involve intensive training protocols including a mix or fitness, drill work, tactics and match play. All group and squad programs are run for 9 weeks during school terms. Private and Mobile lessons can be booked and arranged on a casual basis or as a permanent booking.

Mobile Lessons

Sanctuary Cove Tennis offer a unique mobile coaching service, where we can send a qualified coach to your private court anywhere in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Simply arrange a group of friends to join you at your court to share the cost of coaching lessons. For further information or to register for coaching, click on one of the programs below Group coaching programs provide a great way for children, teenagers and adults to develop their tennis skills as well as being part of a fun and interactive group environment.

Classes are structured to cater for specific age groups and skill levels, so every participant feels totally comfortable in their group environment. Group Lessons run for an 9 week period during school terms. This enables us to keep our prices lower as well as giving us some spare days just in-case wet weather make-up lessons are needed.

Sanctuary Cove Tennis offers a family discount of 5% when you register 3 or more family members in group coaching. We also offer a 10% discount for our fitness classes for all participants in group coaching and squads. When selecting the appropriate class, consider the players age and ability level. Classes are available in different durations with different coach:pupil ratios to offer the complete package to suit your requirements.

Classes with smaller numbers typically provide more personalised tuition at a higher cost. If you are unsure as to which class to select please call or email us at Sanctuary Cove Tennis for our professional guidance. KidZone Suitable for Children between 3-7 yrs Besides providing children with the perfect introduction to tennis, our KidZone program helps develop essential physical skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, movement and special awareness.

This modified program is highly suitable for any team or ball sport, so even children who a seeking to play sports such as netball or football will receive the perfect start to their chosen sport. Children receive a Free Tennis Racquet to keep with their first term of paid registration into the program. PlayZone (Suitable for Children 8-10 yrs), SkillZone (Suitable for Children 10-13yrs), TeenZone (Suitable for Teenagers 13-17 yrs) Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of players are catered for in these popular childrens tennis lessons.

Players progress at their own pace through the various stages from learning the very basic skills and stroke production through to decision making, scoring, and strategies for match play. The group lessons are structured in a fun based environment. The end result is a player capable of successfully participating in fixtures or competitions. Our Coaches understand that the needs of teenagers and children of different ages are very different, and our classes are structured specifically to provide quality tuition and enjoyment at the every level and age group.

Adult Classes can be structured as group lessons or as private and semi private lessons. Many adults join group lessons to improve their skills to commence playing fixtures, learn tactical decision making, or purely for the enjoyment and social interaction. Select below the lesson category and duration. Class size and skill level are then selected when registering.

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